Check on your Posting Times

News 12:11 November 2023:

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If you are looking to gather 500 twitter followers, you need to be able to appeal to the twitter crowd. For you to actually appeal to the crowd, they need to see what you are posting. For them to see what you are posting, timing is very vital. The world has different time zones, granted. When some people are sleeping others are awake and on social media. You might thus argue that it might be quite difficult to get the right timeline.

Despite the fact that the argument is a solid one, it does not hold much water. This is for the simple reason that the whole world does not follow you on twitter. You have a certain number of followers. You need to concentrate on these followers. Analyze your following and get to find out which people make up the majority of it. Find the time zone in which these people are located. Ensure that eth people whose timing you are considering are also influential people that can actually draw attention to you as you look for those 500 twitter followers. Focus your posting to the times that correspond to these followers. Make sure that you mostly post content when they are available online.