Simple ways to stay ahead of the pack in social media

News 11:03 March 2023:

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If you love the social media, you need to be on the look-out for what is trending.† Just donít post anything without knowing what is trending.† The good thing with the social media is that at any given time there is a trending subject.† These subjects differ from time to time and can move on for days to come. If you want to increase your Instagram likes, capture on that.† Post issues that are in tune with the trending subject and make sure they are unique and attention captivating.† Even if it is just commenting ensure that you do your study.

Each time a subject is trending, if you have cared to check, people just write comments without doing research.† This is where you beat them all.† Know where all these started from, where it might end and if possible, join the conversation.† If you are able to give a totally different view, people will find you worth following and thereby increase your likes.† So next time, do not follow a subject blindly, do your research and make comments after finding more about the subject.