Using Lists To Engage Your 1000 Twitter Followers.

Reaching 1000 Twitter followers is a milestone on Twitter. However, the real task now is maintaining that number and minimizing the numbers of those unfollowing you. This implies that your Twitter growth input should not stop after amassing such huge following that you sit back and feel contended. This is where now your human nature on this platform is needed. It is where engagements come in to keep the conversations going. It is a great undoing if you will sit back as a king and wait for the followers to come looking for you. It calls for you pro activeness in starting and engaging them. In reality, it is impossible to keep tab of all your 1000 Twitter followers.

That is why you need the Twitter lists that will allow you to come up with alternative timelines where you separate your followers regarding a topic, location or their relevance to you. From the list, you able to monitor your active followers that you constantly want to engage with whenever you have the chance to. Engagements with your followers show your human side on this social media platform.